We are a team of experienced mechanics with years of experience in the industry. Our experience is gained from corporate and franchise shops to working on our own cars. We decided to open LTO to provide personable and reliable service that other franchises simply do not. Every customer that we service is as important as we all share the same roads.

OIL CHANGE - $34.99

  • Oil up to 5 litres (5W 20 / 5W 30)
  • Oil Filter
  • Top up fluids
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure as per OE
  • Lubrication as required
  • Multipoint vehicle inspection
    • Air Filter  |  Lights  |  Belts  |  Hoses  |  Tire condition  |  Exhaust
  • Warranty approved

Maintenance Package - $44.99

  • Oil change – Oil up to 5 litres (5W 20 / 5W 30)
  • Oil Filter
  • Top up fluids
  • Tire rotation
  • Battery test with printed results
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure as per OE
  • Lubrication as required
  • Multipoint vehicle inspection
    • Air filter | Lights | Belts | Hoses | Brakes | Exhaust | Steering & Suspension | Tire condition
  • Warranty approved


  • Brakes
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Emission Test and Repair
  • Exhaust
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tire and Storage
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Safety Certification



Fair pricing, honest, approachable service people.
Bee Name
00:15 18 May 19
Car maintenance gets done fairly quickly, and also very well. Everyone’s really friendly and very honest with the work that they do, all while doing so at affordable prices. Will always be coming here for my vehicle care.
12:22 11 Apr 19
Always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices are affordable and you can see them working on your car, not like other mechanics where you cannot see the garage/work area.
Vanessa Arjune
11:15 25 Mar 19
Honest, hard working and friendly staff, very reasonable prices, everything you could ask from a mechanic shop, highly recommended
Nasir Minhas
13:19 07 Mar 19
This used to be a Midas but I guess it folded and was taken over by a private mechanic shop. LTO is derived from the first letter of the names of the partners in this auto shop, Lloyd, Tristan and Orven. I've been coming to this shop since they've started the business. I am always satisfied with their services, honest, trustworthy and always lets you know of the price first before doing any repairs. Their prices are very reasonable and tries to finished the job as quick as they can. There's also free coffee and WIFI while you wait. They also tries to personalize the service and if you are a repeat customer, as soon as you step in their shop, automatically they are familiar with you and your car. I highly recommend this shop, you won't be disappointed.read more
Fraulein Moreno
13:37 21 Feb 19
Always a fantastic experience bringing both of my vehicles here. Trust worthy and reliable service every time I need something fixed
Katie DesLauriers
23:48 11 Jan 19
Parents found this place for me and Its my new favorite place. I used to go all the way to Oakville for anything relevant to my car. However, I noticed that it makes way more sense to come to a place 12 minutes from home. LolSo anyways, I had an appointment booked for yesterday @2pm, however I was convinced to buy steelies for my winter tires from friends and family. They accommodated me and priced me at $65 for my steelies (prices may vary depending on vehicle possibly)...and they booked my appointment for today @9am. Got my car in, greeted me warmly and sat down. You can watch from the inside and see them work on your car, and throughout the 1 hour of me waiting, I noticed 2-3 people came in positively thanking them for their service. They appear to have close relationships with their customers which was really awesome. It seems less transactional.Anyways, they brought my car to the front and I paid my total. Now that I have steelies, they can do the change for approximately $25-30ish next time. Highly recommend this place, because they also have free wifi!read more
Maureen A
01:53 28 Dec 18
this place has gone above and beyond everytime i bring in my rsx, which is often, always giving quick service and extremely good prices! Highly recommend
Hailey Furlong
15:22 21 Dec 18
Very professional. Prices very reasonable. Provide honest openion. Most importantly very efficient. Neat parking space plenty of staff. Very little wait time. Will be coming back for sure 🙂
nauman sarwar
19:48 15 Nov 18
Got recommended by my friend to take my car in to LTO and I must say, I was pretty impressed by their honesty, professionalism and affordable prices. I had issues with my wheel making scraping noises and was initially wrongly diagnosed by another mechanic. Took the car there and after a test drive, Orven was able to let me know what the real problem was. He showed me the faulty part and was able to replace it promptly at an affordable price. Seeing the number of other customers in their waiting room, I am sure they are doing something right. Will definitely be back for my regular car maintenance.read more
Alvin Liao
19:21 09 Nov 18
Reasonable price. Not a money grabber company. Helpful and will explain what is the problem with the car. Takes care of the car. Filipino guys are awesome!
melvin nizel alarca
17:03 15 Oct 18
Brought van in for brake work. Was very impressed, it was my first time to them as I found them because of good rating on the web. They took the car for test drive and did a through inspection. They showed me what needed to be done and had a quote ready. Job was completed fast and when I went to pay, price was lower because they said they were able to find a cheaper part so was very happy. I would definitely come back again.read more
Dennis Tang
18:37 01 Oct 18
Would not recommend at all . went there a few months ago looking to get my steering fixed . Took over 500 from me and didn't even fix the steering . Thanks guys.. u said my steering was ok when I took it to my original mechanic I find out the intermittent steering shaft is gone so now more money out of my pocket ..read more
Mackie Patterson
22:00 19 Sep 18
I went here to get my brakes looked at and they were completely honest of what had to be done instead of trying to rip me off like the dealership was going to do. They got the parts I needed and fixed my baby right up. Lloyd started my car right away unlike most places I’ve been to. Price was amazing and service was great. I will tell everyone to come here. Thanks again! 🙂read more
Alyssa Petri
03:45 22 Aug 18
This one shop i have started to trust and the pricing is fairly set also reasonable.I have taken both of my cars and been also taken care off also truly appreciate them!
ijm ijm
21:25 21 Aug 18
Just got back from LTO Kennedy Auto Service Centre and I must first say that I am impressed with their transparency. Most of their services are listed with prices on a large display above and behind the counter. My current auto mechanic centre does not do that. Secondly, after meeting with Lloyd he promptly told me that the vehicle I brought in could not be certified. He went on to explain why the car would not pass current safety standards. I then asked him a number of questions regarding the likelihood of sale of my vehicle and he gave what I believe is his honest response. This was important information for me as my purpose for the safety certificate is to sell the car. Knowing what I know now from our discussion, I can proceed with posting the ad for my "As Is" vehicle. In closing, if you are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense, auto specialist, then I recommend Lloyd at LTO. His integrity is refreshing. Best,Veronicaread more
Veeps Peeps
18:17 03 Aug 18
Friendly, price is reasonable. Not like other shops will make you pay high . And lastly honest on what theyre doing!
kevin troy
15:31 09 Jul 18
I called about a very loose gear shifter.He said I can bring truck in .I was relieved it was a minor repair....and a small fee... Orven checked it and fixed it in less then 30 minutes. Thank you so much again and for your honesty.
Margaret Bailey
18:27 24 May 18
Good Service in a quick time with a great price which is fair for their customers. I always like how they check my car fluids and top them all up. You got to check them out when you need help with your car or van.
Darrell T
05:52 13 May 18
I see a lot of good comments about this car shop. Good service, cheap price, good repair etc. However, I called 17:54 apr 10 2018 and wanted to make appointment. The guy put me on hold for 12 minutes and I had been transferred to voice mail which said the shop was closed. An excellent way to refuse a customer. Good job for offering your competitors' opportunities.read more
jia jia
22:10 10 May 18
I really like this shop. So far I have had work done on my car three times here with the last job being the replacement of lower control arms and ball joints on my car, and I was totally satisfied with the work done and the price charged. If you're looking for a honest mechanic shop to maintain your vehicle you should give them a try.read more
10:47 08 Apr 18
Always have a good time here. Always have a easy/fast time here when getting the normal maintance done.
Calvin ly
06:45 01 Apr 18
Dropped in for a oil change. Done quickly. Friendly service!! I will be back.
Michael McCrea
13:36 03 Mar 18
I came in for Emission test to renew my 2005 Corolla. It failed previously in one facility in Brampton. But with the help of Orven it was quickly resolved. Thank you very much.
Ger D C
14:27 27 Feb 18
Great friendly, professional, clean place with free wifi. Lloyd is great!
Joe Wong
15:09 15 Nov 17
The guys here are amazing. Lloyd is very professional and talked me through everything he was working on. Exceptional service!
Diane Thai
22:05 11 Nov 17
Amazing mechanics at this shop, As a woman I saw this shop with no clue with cars. Lloyd showed me why my car was so noisy due to a (Exhaust leak) and why I had a check engine light on. Lloyd gave me a fair price on fixing my exhaust and gave me a quote for my next visit to fixing the check engine light. I'm never going to another mechanic as this guys will be my go to. Amazing customer service.read more
Christina Tan
15:21 11 Oct 17
Worked on my 07 vw golf. Awesome customer service. My coil pack went bad and they replaced it at competitive price. Honest and practical advice to get an original part since golfs are notorious for bad coil packs. Engine light came back after a few days cause dealer gave a faulty part. Not the shops fault. Brought back the car and they replaced it right away in less than 15mins at no charge. Also got a tune up and oil change done. Car is running like a dream. Will definitely come back for all other repairs and car needs. Highly recommended. read more
03:08 29 Aug 17
The guys at LTO Auto are great. Quick, prompt and reliable service and they're open on weekends, when most good mechanics are not. Prices are great too!!!
J Graves
13:08 22 Aug 17



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